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Finance DEX

SON Swap is our official decentralized dex that have the ability to swap SON tokens on ETH.

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SON implement a new ERC777 standard token for Ethereum network and even later a BEP-20 for BSC network.

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Social market & Community

SONIC(K) is a collectible NFT card picture games on SONIC SOCIAL with a decentralized ecosystem.

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Exchange Offer

Central management systems. Security and other peculiarities.

Launch our SoniDEX Exchange

SON is an ERC777 governance token that connects the Social to NFTs tokens and allows them to be exchanged by connecting users from all over the world.

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Everyone's best friend

Sonic(k) is a Social that involves many interactions with the outside world. By connecting they interconnect and interact with news, links, entertainment games but above all digital NFTs that can be exchanged and collected as if they were a simple image. Sonic platform will be constantly updated to implement new features. $SON is the governance token.

68% Distributed to Community.15% Marketing and business relations.17% Founders and Team Management.


The roadmap is indicative because each Stage can add new features to the ecosystem because we deal with microservices that are exploited to agglomerate the true Social platform.

Sonic(k) Core Development

Sonic(k) chain node

Sonic(k) Core Development

Marketing and Partnerships

Entry level integrations

Dex Swap

Token Creation and the first interactions

Creation of NFTs tokens

Creation of interactions with NFTs tokens

Sonic Social and Collections and more.

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Social wallet and collectibles NFTs

Many young people are happy when they interact with their friends and especially if there is a goal like the NFTs that can be collected directly in a Social. With our app we try to give young people and others the opportunity to interact with a new tool, exchange NFTs they like best or to collect whatever they want as if they were simple images.

Tokenomics And Stats

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Token Distribution

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Frequently asked questions

Every you need to know so you can use Sonic Token.

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Technology we use

Sonikchain is based on GraphQL Prisma but has many latest generation technologies such as Blockchain Ethereum, GraphQl, Html5, typescript ORM, Java, Javascript, Angular, Ionic and many others.


Partnerships and Integrations

Our strategic integrations and partnerships include: Chainlink, Unstoppable Domains, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, HollaEx, TradingView, Metamask, Infura

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